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Run any windows computer smoothly – 01

computer lag

This is the initial post of this series. In here Im going to talk about how to make your PC or a Laptop work smoothly. Because of the complexity of this title I have to break this into several posts.

Have you ever experienced lag in your computer?feel slowness when you are working? take long time to startup? stuck and restart? yes we all experience those kind of issues. There are several reasons cause to this unavoidable issues that you can not solve.

This letter we are going to list down¬†Possible causes for these kind of issues.¬†And then by the next post onward let’s discuss each of them with solutions.

Hardware failures
1. Insufficient RAM
2. Slow CPU
3. Slow Hard Disk
4. Incompatible VGA

Software faliures
1. Software bugs
2. Multiple Virus gurads are running
3. heavy Background services and processes

OS failures
1. Out dated operating systems
2. Scheduled tasks
3. Temp files and caches
4. Bugs in OS

User’s issues
1. Lack of computer literacy
2. Maintenance

Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

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